Health is Wealth Benefits

A good night’s rest could seriously impact your mental and physical health in a positive way. Likewise when you’re struggling to fall asleep, it could ruin your day before it’s even started. Yet most of us aren’t sleeping enough or getting the quality of sleep we need. Today we’ll be covering how to sleep better and what lack of sleep can result in.

What Does Poor Sleep Look Like

Believe it or not, but sleep quality is not entirely correlated with quantity. Therefore, sleeping more doesn’t necessarily mean you’re sleeping well and sleeping less doesn’t mean you slept poorly. 

The perception of sleep quality is often described in 4 general parameters:

  • How Easily You Fall Asleep
  • Maintenance
  • Total Time
  • Awakening

Within these parameters, poor sleep can look like the following:

Taking more than 30 minutes to fall asleep after getting into bed.
Being diagnosed with insomnia or another related disorder.
Frequently waking up throughout the night.
Staying up for a duration of 20 minutes or longer after waking in the middle of sleep.
Spending less than 85% of your time in bed asleep.